INFINITI, Built For A Special Kind of Driver

High performance defines a luxury vehicle. Responsive handling and a powerful engine gives you an enjoyably smooth ride. Find your groove around countryside curves and maneuver effortlessly in stop-and-go city traffic. Enjoy the ride.

Our vehicles are built with the most up-to-date technology we can install. Active Lane Control gives you warning when you’re out of your lane. With Forward Emergency Braking, your INFINITI can detect and prevent a possible collision with the vehicle ahead. Dynamic Digital Suspension monitors body roll, pitch, and bounce rate to deliver a secure ride. Intelligent Key remembers and adjusts to your favorite settings. Luxury defined.

The INFINITI designers say the interior asymmetrical look was inspired by tailored driving gloves. Indulgent, rich leather surrounds you, with support and comfort melding into luxurious seating and a sleek design. And thanks to Bose audio system’s active noise cancellation, your world is contained and quiet.

Reward Yourself With The Fruits Of Your Labor